The Little Book of Coping


We have never experienced anything quite like life with Covid-19. We feel disconnected at a time when most of all we want to give and receive support.

One of the best ways of coping is to pause and reflect, acknowledge how you are feeling and try to find little ways to make you feel stronger.

MyWord and AltaDicta have collaborated to create ‘The Little Book of Coping’, which is designed to help with all those things and to support you in your role as leader, colleague or friend.

This page offers a little taste of the contents – below we have picked just one suggestion for each section. There are many more in the book.

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One day at a time

Right here, right now ‘long-term’ goes out the window. Take each day as it comes.

Think about the one or two things you want to achieve today and concentrate on those. Clearly that includes how you can support your business in the current environment – but long-term planning should be put on hold. For the moment the short-term will look after the long-term.

For leaders and managers, this list should also include how you are going to support your people.

Find joy in the simple things

Life before COVID-19 probably felt like running at 100 miles per hour on a moving travellator. Although there are now other competing pressures, the silver lining of lockdown is that life will inevitably have to slow down a little.

At the same time our levels of anxiety will be high which is why it is important we make, and take, the time to pause.

Creating your Happy Place

We all have a place that makes us feel good. Make the time to think about where your happy place is and take yourself there (in your imagination) at some point each day.

Your Virtual Diary

In our current environment, or any crisis, it is human nature to take comfort from being part of a bigger team or family – we need to create the experience of ‘being in this together’.

The joy of technology today means that we do not need to feel alone, we can be together. We just need to think about how we grow that togetherness.

Over the past few weeks we have seen an explosion of inspiration and activity across virtual communities.

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