The Little Book of Comeback

Among the negative and distressing stories over recent weeks, there are undoubtedly positives and opportunities that have emerged. So how can we turn our experiences in to a source of strength? Our Little Book of Comeback is here to help you.

MyWord and AltaDicta have collaborated to create ‘The Little Book of Comeback’ to support you in your role as leader, colleague or friend.

This page offers a small taste of the contents – below we have picked just one suggestion or quote for each section. There are many, many more in the book. Please complete the contact form to receive your free digital copy of the full publication.

Please feel free to share it with your teams and friends. And let us know what you think using #littlebookofcomeback on Twitter and LinkedIn.


A strong purpose can really fuel and guide you – especially when you are perhaps a little anxious or questioning of the next chapter in your story.


To make a successful comeback, we need to work together. This is true on a practical level – social distancing doesn’t work if only one party follows the rules! But it is also true as a wider principle for how we approach things.

Characterise your comeback with collaboration, by actively identifying opportunity and being brave about asking colleagues about working together.


In our work to support change programmes with communications that count, we like to quote Barack Obama: ‘We are the change that we seek.’ Seven simple words but such a powerful message. Can we bring kindness back into fashion? Why not?


Comeback might be an easy idea to sign up for. But what sort of comeback do you want to shape? How is different from life before lockdown? And most importantly, what does it mean for your leadership?


Resilience is our ability to ‘recover readily’. Allow the experience of this year to become a source of self-belief. Find ways to translate what you have learnt about yourself into a platform to grow again and go further.

Make your comeback ambitious, demanding and courageous. Because you can do it!


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