There are lots of different ways to define engagement. At MyWord we like to say that engagement is how far employees feel a sense of shared ownership for the organisation they work for and its goals.

There are so many different factors which influence the engagement levels within an organisation. But in our experience, the number one driver of engagement remains consistent: People want to understand the business strategy and their part within it.

Employees need to connect emotionally, believe in the company’s strategy, purpose and values, and see them in action every day.

Our experience of working with clients on major change initiatives tells us that that engaging employees will always energise the transformation. We want to inspire our clients to make employee engagement a priority as part of their change strategy.

To help clients achieve this, MyWord brings together a wide range of inputs, insights, and actions into a single shared engagement plan and then we get started with implementation!

Where we might help: Defining and measuring engagement; narrative development; competitor research and benchmarking; storytelling; pulling together the different elements of a robust engagement plan and implementing the approach.
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