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June 8, 2020
My Word
Lockdown restrictions continue to be reduced. Everyone is hoping that we are through the worst of the COVID-19 outbreak. Have you been quietly hoping that, as lockdown eases, and some of the things we are missing so much are allowed to return, that life might be changed for the better? Of course, that will feel...
April 24, 2020
My Word
We’re through week five of lockdown and it is a good  moment to reflect on how we are coping with our new and changed circumstances. Especially as the COVID-19 outbreak continues, and the UK lockdown looks set to continue through next month and beyond… At MyWord we got to talking about the word ‘cope’ and...
April 16, 2020
My Word
Digital meetings using video have quickly become mainstream activity during lockdown. Making it easier to see each other and speak to each other helps us to collaborate better. At MyWord we’ve been thinking about how best to prepare for a successful digital meeting, and how to use video calls with maximum impact and consideration for...
March 8, 2019
My Word
At MyWord we strive never to judge anyone for anything… International Women’s Day is a cause close to our hearts at MyWord. As a business we thrive on an inclusive culture that brings together the broad experiences and insights of the people we work with. We believe that supporting people to work somewhere that works...
April 25, 2017
My Word
We often talk about how brave you need to be to truly take a leadership position. It’s not easy. But businesses aspire to lead all the time. As they should. Often they have the resources to make a difference. But you need to be brave. In recent weeks, Kate Middleton (with help from her husband...
January 15, 2017
My Word
At MyWord we don’t really believe in resolutions but we do have some big hopes for 2017… Our burning ambition is for 2017 to be the year when promises are kept. The strongest reputations are always upheld when people deliver on their word. We always advise our clients to be authentic and transparent. It isn’t...
June 2, 2016
My Word
It has been an exciting few months at MyWord towers. It has meant we have been rather quiet on our website but we have been very busy helping clients with their own social media activity! One of the big projects we have been working on is supporting businesses with their in-house communications capability. The communications...
January 6, 2016
My Word
A new year is upon us and that is always a time for new resolutions and thinking about what the future might hold. There is also lots of discussion about what it means for the communications industry. In a world where much content about your business will be generated by your employees, your customers and...
October 12, 2015
My Word
Ever since I was a young I have been fascinated by words and when and how to use them…. I was an early fan of ‘call my bluff’. It is no great surprise that we named our business My Word as when you are true to your word it speaks volumes. Below are a selection...
July 26, 2015
My Word
By Marilyn Alexander, Communications Consultant.  Peter Arnett is reporting from the Al-Rashid hotel in Baghdad as the first air strikes of the Gulf war hit the Iraqi capital. He’s live on CNN. Audiences around the world are gripped. The 24-hour news channel has come of age. Fast forward to January 2011. Tahrir Square, Egypt. Citizen journalism ensures...
April 30, 2015
My Word
At My Word we are passionate about bringing stories to life. Whether it be the story of how your business started, where it is going, or your ambitions for the future, your ‘story’ can set you apart. We are equally passionate about thinking creatively and visually about how we might share your story. Which is...
February 19, 2015
My Word
By Claire Grundy| Communications advisor and practitioner| It’s often said that the ‘deal’ between employers and those they employ has changed.  Back in the day, apparently, you signed up with a company for the long term. The reputation of the business you joined was crucial.  Security of tenure, steady progression and feeling ‘looked after’ were just as...
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