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The My Word team has a unifying purpose… to support, guide and engage businesses and leaders to manage reputation. We are passionate about what we do and believe a credible reputation can only be effectively earned through wholly integrated communication, across your entire network of stakeholders – both internal and external. In a 24-hour media world how you communicate to earn trust and respect is as important as what you do – the spotlight is on you.

Only excellent communications delivered by your business leaders are/will be good enough to ensure a company’s success and growth. Your leaders own your future through all that they do – they bring your people, your investors, your customers and the world’s opinion formers with you. They are ambassadors of your brand and custodians of your legacy.

We provide a bespoke communications package that is tailored to every project. Above everything else we work flexibly to meet our clients’ needs. Our website is full of information about what we can deliver for you, but actually meeting us and having a conversation will give the truest sense of who we are, how we think and how we work.

‘The My Word team is true to its word – sharing thoughtful, credible and pertinent advice on how to engage our stakeholders to support our business ambitions.’  President, FMCG business

Contact us at: charlotte@mywordcommunications.com

+44 (0)203 819 6060

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