International Women’s Day 2022


Dear friends


Many of you know that International Women’s Day is important to me, some have even asked ‘where is my blog?’. In truth I have found it especially difficult this year. Of course we want to continue to call for a world that is equal for all and yet we are living in a world that is clearly not, and one where tolerance is too often in short supply. I have been putting off writing my blog because I simply don’t know what to say without causing offence or upset.


So, I am just going to share a few thoughts with those closest to me who always inspire me, listen to me and provide me with hope for a world that can be kind…


The International Women’s Day theme for this year is #breakthebias. It is a proven fact that we all feel and promote bias… and yet we are not born with bias. What creates bias within us? Our experiences and upbringing influence who we are and what we think. That is surely also a source of hope and opportunity…. If we can actively and collectively influence the experiences of future generations we can create a tsunami of equality and fairness.


They say that our worst behaviours come out during times of crisis. Well it certainly feels like a world in crisis. And yet, when I look at my experiences I feel so grateful to be surrounded by strong, kind, thoughtful friends who don’t judge me.


But I also feel a deep sense of personal outrage: How is it ok for a world leader to breed hatred and power so much so that it is forcing families to flee their homes and for families to be separated? How is it ok for there still to be a gender pay gap? How is it possible for girls at school to tell other girls that their clothes are not fashionable? Of course I could go on and on… but I want to change the channel to hope!


My hope for my sons, my daughter, my godchildren and my nieces and nephews is that they really can thrive in a world that is kind to them and that they are kind to others. That they see people for who they are on the inside and they are seen for who they are – our future . A world which is becoming more equal every day and where it truly doesn’t matter where you come from, how you choose to balance work and family, or how you dress.


Thank you for being you and for allowing me to be me.




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