Little Book of Comeback

Lockdown restrictions continue to be reduced. Everyone is hoping that we are through the worst of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Have you been quietly hoping that, as lockdown eases, and some of the things we are missing so much are allowed to return, that life might be changed for the better?

Of course, that will feel impossible for so many families who have lost loved ones to COVID-19. But despite these tragic losses, we can take opportunities for positive change.

How are you going to seize the initiative and shape your future? Over recent weeks at MyWord we’ve been thinking about the idea of ‘Comeback’ and how to make these changes happen?

Following a wonderful response to our ‘Little Book of Coping’, we have continued our collaboration with AltaDicta, to create the newly released ‘Little Book of Comeback’.

Comeback might be an easy idea to sign up for. But what sort of comeback do you want to shape? How is this different from life before lockdown?

Our Little Book of Comeback is designed to help you reflect on who you might be, coming out of this, and what you can bring to your business, your community and even your home life.

How can you ensure people around you feel safe and supported? What have the last few months shown you about leadership? Where have you found your inspiration? How has it influenced your Purpose? And what has perhaps shocked or surprised you?

The Little Book of Comeback will help you answer all these questions and more. Find out more and request your free copy here.

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