Little Book of Coping

We’re through week five of lockdown and it is a good  moment to reflect on how we are coping with our new and changed circumstances. Especially as the COVID-19 outbreak continues, and the UK lockdown looks set to continue through next month and beyond…

At MyWord we got to talking about the word ‘cope’ and what ‘coping’ means to different people and what it means to us. The idea of making a success of something difficult really inspired us.

In collaboration with our friends at AltaDicta, we have created our ‘Little Book of Coping’ to help colleagues and clients.

MyWord founder, Charlotte Knight takes up the story:

“Lots of us have been thinking ‘how can we help’ people, businesses and friends. At MyWord we have decided to share our experience and insights in this little book. We love words, and somehow the idea of ‘coping’ – identifying how to get through and even make the best of the situation – seemed to strike a chord.

“One of the positives about finding yourself in a time of crisis is the support and collaboration of friends – hence the collaboration with AltaDicta. Both our businesses are finding these current circumstances challenging, so we decided to pull together our combined skills and resources on this project.

“We want to offer something that supports our clients and friends, and energises our businesses during this difficult time. The book is designed to help you reflect on how you are feeling, offer some coping mechanisms and simply help keep you smiling. We hope it is a little source of strength and comfort.”

Find out more and request your copy here.

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