Successful video meetings

Digital meetings using video have quickly become mainstream activity during lockdown.

Making it easier to see each other and speak to each other helps us to collaborate better.

At MyWord we’ve been thinking about how best to prepare for a successful digital meeting, and how to use video calls with maximum impact and consideration for colleagues.

Download our full guide,  including advice on how to facilitate the session.

Getting ready

  1. Clean cut
    Consider your background – don’t have too many distractions.
  2. Your best light
    Light the front of your face, not the back – if lighting is behind you, people will only see your silhouette.
  3. On mute
    Keep your connection on mute until you speak and put all other phones on mute throughout.
  4. Focus fully
    Close all other applications such as Instant Messaging and any Social Networks so that cannot distract you.
  5. Label yourself
    Ensure your name is displayed (go to Settings>video).
  6. Arrive early
    Make sure your connection is working.
  7. Ruthless and relevant
    Ensure any presentation content is short and relevant for your audience.



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