Virtuous ‘virtual line manager’

Working from home isn’t as easy as it looks, but running a team without being together is really difficult.

The MyWord team have been thinking about what makes a virtuous ‘virtual line manager’?

Here are our seven suggestions for how to lead successfully when your team are in isolation.

Download full guide  MyWord_VirtualLineManager

  1. Establish rhythm
    Be clear each week on how and when you will connect, both with individuals and as a group.
  2. Publish priorities
    What are the outputs you are looking for each week? Be open and specific about priorities.
  3. Share transparency
    Make sure everyone knows what is expected of everyone else.
  4. Catalyst for connections
    Make time in your own working week to think about collaboration.
  5. Celebrate success
    Don’t wait until you’re together. Find new ways to share achievements.
  6. Best practice
    Help team members to learn about new working practices and technology capabilities from each other.
  7. Always check-in
    See how your people are feeling? What more do they need? What else might help them?



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