How to Work from Home


Suddenly working from home has gone from occasional benefit to permanent reality.

How are you finding it? Not as easy as it looks maybe?

At MyWord we’ve put our heads together and come up with eight key steps to help you make it work for you.

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  1. Create a routine
    Routine is important at the office – apply the same principles at home.
  2. My space
    Create a zone in your home that is for work only.
  3. Set standards
    ‘Get dressed for work’ and be on time.
  4. Stay social 
    Staying connected with friends and colleagues is vital to your wellbeing.
  5. Test the tech
    Familiarise yourself with the technology – have a go, try new things.
  6. Me time
    Ensure you take a break. Go for a walk, take some exercise.
  7. New time
    Instead of thinking what you can’t do think about what you could do…
  8. Tomorrow is a new day…..
    Ask yourself…. Who have I connected with today, and who am I going to reach out to tomorrow?


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