Wise words…

Wise words…

One of our favourite programmes that we run is our writing workshop. Inherent in this is our passion for using ‘powerful’ words to bring your content to life. By choosing the right words you really speak to people. By choosing the wrong words you can also alienate people. That is why within our course we share our ‘corporate jargon buster’.

All too often we hear words or phrases that really don’t make any sense, but which permeate everyday business language. People simply copy what they have heard, perhaps to look clever or be part of the gang. This can lead to an impenetrable tone of voice within a company.

Our strong advice is to focus on clear, compelling language. And in a world where we are often communicating across cultures and languages, we need to choose our words wisely.

What are the words that you hear in your organisation that really don’t make sense? Why do we hear them so often? Be brave and challenge them… don’t emulate them. Here are a few of our favourites, or rather those that make us cringe…

Vertical knowledge

If you would like to learn more about our writing courses please contact us charlotte@mywordcommunications. Each course is bespoke to each client but draws upon core skills and tools that people can adopt to make their content compelling. We are on a crusade for good business writing across ALL media.

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