The year of your word…

At MyWord we don’t really believe in resolutions but we do have some big hopes for 2017…

Our burning ambition is for 2017 to be the year when promises are kept. The strongest reputations are always upheld when people deliver on their word. We always advise our clients to be authentic and transparent. It isn’t necessarily easy, and can be uncomfortable, but it earns you trust. And trust is what builds confidence… in turn propelling business performance.

2016 was certainly a year in which people voted for change. Quite simply people didn’t trust what they were seeing, hearing or experiencing.

At MyWord we are passionate about change and helping businesses to articulate their change story. As the future of our economies and the political landscape look increasingly uncertain, businesses need to consider what it means for them and paint a compelling picture of the difference they will continue to make. They also need to act with integrity at all times. More than ever people are judging behaviours alongside performance – that is how reputations are earned. This demands really understanding current stakeholders perceptions and, above all, listening to what people are saying or asking. Most critically, leaders need to bring their people with them…

Organisations are increasingly recognising the need to invest time and thought in engaging their most important stakeholder – their people. Those that are really making a difference are where they are involving their people in creating their future. This includes giving freedom and opportunity, encouraging co-creation of strategy and content, and setting clear expectations of leaders and managers in their engagement role. Employees who are highly engaged are emotionally invested in their work and feel a huge sense of ownership for the business. This demands true inspirational leadership where leaders can bring the future to life but act with humility, where they convey energy and give of their time, and where they provide direction but welcome ideas and challenges.

Leaders also create the environment for cultures to thrive… ‘the way we do things’. Culture and engagement go hand in hand. Businesses that are flourishing create cultures that speak to the increasingly diverse generations of employees. Where all employees can connect their personal purpose to the purpose and values of their organisation, and feel empowered to make a difference.

And finally, social media may present challenges but it can also be a gift. It gives people a voice, it seeks insight, and it works in real time – across time zones, audiences and generations. If you stick to your promises you can influence opinion, you can actively demonstrate your word and you can harness some powerful conversations – unlocking possibilities for people within and outside your business.

So… lots to think about and certainly lots to get on with. Thank you for involving the MyWord team in your story. For 2017 our hope is that we will continue to work with such fantastic colleagues and clients, and that together we will grow our leadership and embrace change. For now instead of making resolutions we would simply ask you to consider….

What does 2017 demand of your leadership?
What will you promise your stakeholders?
How will you make your team smile… today?

Finally, we hope it really is the year of ‘our word’.

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