Quiet but busy…

It has been an exciting few months at MyWord towers. It has meant we have been rather quiet on our website but we have been very busy helping clients with their own social media activity!

One of the big projects we have been working on is supporting businesses with their in-house communications capability. The communications profession is clearly ‘coming of age’ and we are delighted that organisations are hiring more and more professionals to support corporate reputation from the inside. We have even helped clients to recruit the very best talent.

We are very passionate though about the bespoke programmes we have developed to support the growth and development of colleagues in corporate communications. From sharing best practice insights about the profession to sharing tools and techniques to develop a compelling narrative, manage change and simply learn more about the different communication styles that exist – and what works, when.

Our programmes are energising and inspiring – we are truly proud of them. So, sorry we have been quiet but we look forward to sharing more soon.

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