A new look at engagement, with My Word

At My Word, we have taken a fresh look at engagement, and in particular how we communicate to engage.

We offer more than 20 years experience of communication and engagement in high performing organisations, along with a fresh and practical perspective on what really works today.

Measurement, strategy, training or communication services are all within our remit, and in all areas we apply the My Word imperatives  which we believe will result in outstanding levels of engagement.

When people are fully engaged in what they are doing, they act like owners in the way they work. They feel a strong affinity for the organisation, they care passionately about success and they give of their very best.   It’s no accident that engagement is a hot topic in business at present – it really works!

Some high performing companies have created a culture and environment where many people choose to engage fully. These organisations have an outstanding reputation and are magnets for talent. They are known for their distinctive cultural strengths. They are financially, and sustainably, successful.

We believe employees in every organisation have the potential to fully engage, provided a few essential ingredients are in place and are managed with great care:

Ingredient #1: Inside out: understanding the human brain and applying that understanding

Neuroscience has much to teach us about how to engage people, appealing to their unconscious needs and the instinctive responses that date back to our earliest ancestors. For example, our brains will automatically seek out the danger, or threat in any situation, before any assessment of potential reward.   Communications must dispel the threat quickly and reinforce the positive rewards if they are to engage people. We can help you apply neuroscience learning to communication and engagement to give you a greater chance of engaging people.

#2: Outside in: the right culture will support high levels of engagement

Culture, or the way we do things around here, will have a huge impact on engagement. A recent global survey called out Culture and Engagement as the top leadership issues for senior executives.  A strong, distinctive culture is one that is clearly and consistently communicated via values, goals and objectives. Employees feel an affinity for the culture and want to be associated with it.   Engagement levels will be higher as a result. We are experienced in organisation development and culture communications and can help you understand and communicate what is special and appealing about your culture.

#3: Our engagement imperatives guide where to focus your efforts

We know what works – the  engagement imperatives. Nurturing these imperatives in your organisation will result in higher levels of engagement, provided you do so honestly and consistently. A culture that supports the imperatives will be strong and healthy.

  • In order to be fully engaged, people need equity and fairness, the opportunity to achieve and be recognised for their achievements and to feel they are part of a team. In addition, to stay engaged, they want the potential for personal growth, and they want to be able to speak up and be heard.
  • Over and above these imperatives, highly successful organisations have a clear purpose that employees identify with, and have created an environment where there is a great deal of trust. Both these imperatives require authenticity and a sense of partnership between company/leaders and employees.

#4: We can help you translate imperatives into actions that make a difference

Our recipe for success is based on a lot of experience (and a few mistakes along the way), careful thought and analysis and a big dash of heart and passion.  Please contact us to learn more about the My Word approach.


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