Sharing Your Story…

My Word Communications helps its clients manage their reputation through truly integrated communication, across a complete network of stakeholders – internal and external together. Our work includes helping our clients to manage their reputation, drive major change programmes, run employee engagement campaigns and create communications competency frameworks.

Every business has a story to be told and in today’s communication environment it is more important than ever to consider what, and how, you share it.  Whether you want to be or not, you are always ‘open’ to be judged by your customers, shareholders, employees and all who touch your business.

Reputations can be broken by a misplaced tweet, post or even a selfie. They can also be earned through a considered, proactive and thought provoking approach to how you engage your stakeholders. We are ready to guide leaders and businesses through the challenges and opportunities of reputation management.

We are passionate about what we do and have earned our own reputation through experience, commitment and taking lots of pride in our work.  Please explore our website to learn more about our own stories, our team and our latest thinking on the ever changing world of communications.

We would also love to hear from you and the challenges you might be facing.  Feel free to give us a call, drop us a note or come and visit… we are good at listening and talking!

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