Communicating to achieve change

At MyWord Communications we help our clients find the right words to communicate successfully with their most important audience groups including employees, customers, and media. Our three specialist areas are: Change communications, leadership coaching, and employee engagement.

Since we started our journey in 2010, more and more we find ourselves specialising in change communications. From SAP implementation, to office moves, to mergers & acquisitions, to organisational restructuring…

For organisations of all descriptions, things are changing all the time. It’s a perfect storm combining politics, regulation, digital technology, social media, customer expectations and employee needs.

MyWord helps clients to take the initiative and seek advantage from the way things are changing… That’s where successful communications can be a crucial catalyst.

We enable clients to identify stakeholders who can contribute to their change, and to share the experience with them from the start. Our experience tells us that that engaging employees will always energise the transformation.

We help clients to choose their words carefully and to share them with the right people at the right time. We encourage them to own their words and keep their promises. We help clients build trust, which is always essential to making change work, and that’s why our business is called MyWord.

We are change communication specialists – helping our clients to communicate major change initiatives to different audiences, and to make employee engagement a priority as part of their change strategy.

We give you our word!

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